KHCPL Volunteer Application

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Now for the good stuff. What do YOU like to do? What are the fields in which you have expertise? What skills do you have that you would be willing to teach others? What pro bono work would you like to do for your library? Check all that apply. You might be puzzled by some of the skills/fields listed, but, trust us, we have all kinds of new programming ideas and ways we can use your help. 
Okay. So, how often would you like to volunteer? We’ll be happy to have your help whether it’s just for a few hours a year, for one project, on a regular basis, or anything in between. Just let us know. 
We have several locations: KHCPL Main (220 N. Union St.), KHCPL South (1755 E. Center Rd.), KHCPL Russiaville (315 Mesa Dr.) and KHCPL Outreach (305 E. Mulberry St.). Do you have a preference where you volunteer? 
What suits your schedule and lifestyle best? Do you prefer mornings, afternoons, or evenings? Weekdays or weekends? 
Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a felony? 

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