Adult & Teen Services Dept Staff

Joe R.

Joe is a born and raised Kokomoian, who has spent a reported 42.9 percent of his life inside the walls of a library ... and that was before he even began employment at KHCPL! Although aggressively unfancy, Joe enjoys the finer things in life: music, films, and books of all kinds. His eyes are currently glued to the pages of 2014's Howard County Reads selection, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, which can be found upstairs in the Adult & Teen Department.  Don't hesitate to visit Joe at the Reference desk to test his knowledge of pop culture, listen to his spectacular vernacular, and satisfy all of your information-seeking needs!






Justin K.

I am originally from Flora, Indiana, but currently live in the area. I received my undergraduate degree from Indiana University—Bloomington in Comparative Literature and Germanic Studies (which is really fancy for “not many career options.”) I’ve worked for KHCPL for 5 years now but only as a librarian since 2012. I like strange things: strange books, strange music, and strange movies. Come visit me at KHCPL Main and we’ll see who has seen the weirdest movie (spoiler alert: I’m going to win.)




Marsha S.

Marsha S.I am a born and bred Hoosier and an eclectic reader. For many years I have enjoyed camping, hiking and canoeing with my family in Indiana’s beautiful state parks.  I enjoy taking leisurely bike rides in town or country, and one of my favorite ways to relax is to lounge on my deck with a good book, while sipping a glass of wine or cup of tea.








Stephanie P.


Hello! My name is Stephanie. I have loved the library since I was very little and loved getting my books wrapped in cellophane. Does anyone remember that? I always looked forward to going to the library. I enjoy going to work every day here. I am currently in school studying library sciences. I love to read, if that isn’t obvious. My favorite genres are historical fiction, mystery, fantasy and sci-fi. Some of my favorite books are The Outsiders, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and the Harry Potter series. I like spending time with my family and fur kidlings. I am a PBS & BBC America geek, and I love Marvel.  One of my favorite places is Jetty Park/Cape Canaveral, Fla. I like to call it our family’s second home.



Theophilus H.

Theophilus H.I love people. I have a degree in Air Traffic Control Science and a BA in Social and Behavior Science from IU. I am an Air Force veteran (air traffic controller) and loved traveling the country and the world to meet new people. My hobby is studying the history of African Americans in the American West. It’s not a separate discipline, just an expansion of U.S. History. I love long road trips (a leisurely 5,000 mile trip is not unusual for me). Look for Theo the next time you’re in the library if you have a good idea for a new road trip, interesting Af Am Western history trivia to share, or want to know some really neat places to visit out West.





Tonya M.

Tonya M.It’s a good thing I am a faithful IU basketball fan as I have 2 degrees from there. I have had a lifelong love of movies and music. My dream job would be to become a movie critic (getting paid to watch movies makes me all kinds of giddy) Since that isn’t going to happen any time soon, getting to select movies and music for the adult and children’s collections fills the void quite nicely. When I am not going to the movies or listening to music, I love to crochet and knit which I am proud to say that I learned at a library program.







Trisha Shively

Trisha ShivelyI grew up in Oldenburg, a small town in Southern Indiana that did not have a public library. I got my first public library card when I started working for a public library when I was in college. Since then, I have truly learned to appreciate the value that public libraries have in their communities. One of my favorite parts of my job is planning programs such as Howard County Reads and Summer Reading Club. I am married and have a son who is in the United States Marine Corps and a daughter who is in high school. I love to cook and use it as a form of stress relief. If I weren't a librarian, I would want to either own a restaurant or catering business. 





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