KHCPL South Staff

Connie T.

I am originally from Logansport and now live in Kokomo with my husband. We have two adult children, a son and a daughter who both live nearby. I am also the proud grandmother of a grandson and I look forward to spending a lot of time with him. When I am not with my beautiful grandson, I enjoy reading and taking walks in the warm weather. I mostly read fiction and mysteries, but you can often find me with my nose stuck in a cookbook. I love checking out the new cookbooks and trying different recipes. I will try anything, but really like making a variety of soups. I enjoy taking weekend trips with my husband to Michigan with Frankenmuth and Mackinaw being my favorite stops. Sometime in the future I plan on taking a trip to Hawaii with my family. 



Courtney K.

I was born in Kokomo, Indiana. I’ve also lived in Muncie, Ind., Texas and Germany. My favorite food is pasta, favorite color is green and my favorite stories are fairy tales. When I’m not reading, I am blogging, planning homeschool lessons, swimming and playing video games. Being a children’s librarian is the best job because you get to sing, dance, play, and make a mess almost every day!




Kaitlynne M. Watanabe

I was born and raised right here in Kokomo. I fell in love with reading when I was 4, but I’ve been coming into the South Branch even longer than that. First as a patron, then as a page, and now as a circulation clerk. If you are looking for a good YA book to read, then come and talk to me! I have loads of recommendations I can give you. I graduated from Ivy Tech with my degree in Office Administration, but I think I’m going to go back to school to get my degree in Library Science. When I’m not at work (or sitting with my nose in a book) you can usually find me writing stories of my own, fangirling over Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time, or listening to music (preferably Adam Lambert or Keith Urban).

Lori Hugley

I grew up in Tipton Co. and have lived in Indiana most of my life (a short stay in Bowling Green, Virginia and Norwalk, California). I received my BS in Criminal Justice from Ball State and my Masters in Library Science from IUPUI. I am married with two children and one wonderful Vizsla named Gypsy. I love to travel and have a great group of friends that share my passion. I am also a huge Colts fan and have had season tickets since 2001. I never imagined working at the library, but once I started I just couldn’t leave! I have been with the library for 20+ years! 




Lori W.

Hi, I’m Lori, the South Branch Circulation Manager. I was born in Germany and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides spending time with my family, my favorite activities are reading, card making and visiting the state parks. I graduated from Ohio State, so I’m always on the lookout for Buckeye fans. Stop by the South Branch and ask me for the German Word for the Day.






Melissa W.

I loved to read as a kid, but it was in middle school when I finally found something that really interested me. I read the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce and was hooked. I read the book so many times, my middle school librarian had to tape it back together for me. Perhaps that was a sign of things to come. After receiving my Bachelors in English my mother saw an article about librarians in the newspaper. Soon I was off to Indianapolis to get my Masters in Library Science. It might have been that memory of the middle school librarian, but during my classes I discovered I wanted to work in Teen Services. I have worked at KHCPL since I graduated in 2003. I love reading teen books and helping teen patrons find books to suit their individual tastes. I have served on the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee, and continue to serve on Indiana’s Eliot Rosewater Committee. In my spare time I read, blog about books, and experiment in the kitchen.





I’m born and bred in Michigan (even though I’ve lived in Greentown most of my life). Go Spartans! Working at a library was always my dream job, and now I have it, which is awesome. In the future, I want to do missionary work and learn new languages like Italian, French, and Portuguese. I also love reading creepy books until 2 a.m., singing until my throat burns, and Spiderman, who is the best superhero. Andrew Garfield plays him best. (If you don’t agree, we probably should avoid that topic of conversation.) I would love to be able to sit and write dystopian/fantasy/thriller YA books while I listen to overrated pop and obscure alternative music, but I find that I lack the motivation. So I just read instead. 





Saudia C. Thomas

I am from a small town called Ambia, IN and now live here in Kokomo with my husband. I am a proud owner of an English bulldog and beagle mix (He is just the cutest dog you’ve ever seen…of course that is just my opinion.) I love exploring new places and enjoying the great outdoors. I never once thought that I would ever get to work in a library, so working here is a new experience for me. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the library and I always look forward to seeing the new releases. Every now and then you’ll catch me behind the desk reading a book or movie description and adding them to my list of things to read/watch.

Susan B.


I’m excited to be working as a clerk at the library, where I can hang out with kindred spirits who love books! My favorite books are the new picture books because I’ve been a preschool teacher for the past 16 years! I also enjoy audio books so that I can multi-task while listening to a great book. I’m especially fond of the Play-Aways! When I’m not at the library or teaching preschool, I enjoy teaching card-marking classes using rubber stamps and other paper crafting products. One of my favorite rubber stamps says, “Make each day a story worth telling.” I’ve lived in Kokomo for 25 years, but grew up in Michigan, as did my husband, and we enjoy vacationing there and visiting family. 




Trina E.


I have always wanted to work at a library. I have a love of books and a peaceful environment. I even made my own book box in my neighborhood to encourage others to "leave a book or take a book". In my free time I create random pieces of art, ride my bike, and compete in OCR. Aroo!

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