Genealogy & Local History Dept Staff

Amy Russell

I began my library career at the Kokomo Public Library as the Bookmobile Librarian in 1977. I worked as a Corporate Librarian for many years but then returned home to KHCPL as the Assistant Digital Archivist, and in 2013 accepted the position of Head of Genealogy and Local History Department. I enjoy working on family genealogy, gardening, and making baskets in my spare time. I am active in the local chapter of DAR and am willing to help others who have an interest.




Janice B.

I began my career here at KHCPL as a volunteer in the Local History Room in 1986. I enjoy my job and find it exciting to help patrons find their ancestors. I am related to former U. S. President Dwight Eisenhower, and I recently went to the Eisenhower Library in Kansas to do research on my Eisenhower ancestors. While there, I found a picture of my grandfather at age 3 months and also a picture of one of my great-grandparents in their collection.





Melanie V.

Melanie V.When my children were elementary age, my husband and I homeschooled them. I used to tell them that being smart didn’t mean you knew the answers to everything, it just meant you were good at knowing where to find the answers. Libraries are a great place to find answers, so we spent a lot of time in both public and academic libraries. I started volunteering at the library and eventually decided to pursue a career helping others find answers in the Reference Department.  In 2013, I accepted the position of Digital Archivist in the Genealogy and Local History Department. Many times people preface their questions to me with “this is a dumb question, but…” and I smile inside because they’ve just shown how incredibly smart they are by asking at the library! 




Ron T.

I taught high school Latin for many years which led to teaching Medical Terminology at the college level. My interests now lie in helping people break through their Genealogy Brick Walls and find their ancestry. I began researching family genealogy and history in 1960. At present, I have over 200,000 individuals in my own personal database with some dating back into the 1400s and earlier. 




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